Welcome to 360Love Apparel. Our virtual doors are open to you - the women who bask in femininity. We see that your style is a testament to loving who you are, and who you are becoming, inside and out. 

With the increasing frustration of always encountering the every-day-is-a-dance-club-day garments, 360Love Apparel is honored to be your wardrobe source for appropriate apparel. We are happy to serve the women and mothers who are teaching the art of femininity  to their daughters.    

To provide you with accent apparel pieces, fun accessories to make your outfit pop, and self-love jewelry, all at wallet-friendly price points for the everyday woman, is our mission. 

Committing to other women who are also choosing to love themselves completely (wholeness), this online, specialty boutique is created in love. Feel the love. 

Stay Lovely, Lovelies ~xo
Itiel, Founder + Love Advocate

P.S. You can read more about my entrepreneurial spirit here.