Hello -About Us

Welcome to 360Love Apparel. Shop here for your gift-giving needs, for yourself or a very special person. 

Our love-inspired product line offers a signature line of home decor goods that we hope will bring you joy and inspire love to always abound.

We are committed to serving women who are committed to seeing value in themselves and in other women.

We are here to care for humanity. You might ask, "How do you care for humanity by selling home decor?" I use my mind and my hands to create, and everything created is with the intentions of adding joy to a woman's life, to help her to care for herself wholly. The positivity that stems from that care naturally starts to pour out into all others in her life. As the positivity continues through those who choose to do good, the care begins to touch humanity.

Stay Lovely, ~xo
Itiel, Founder + Love Advocate

P.S. You can read more about my entrepreneurial spirit here.